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Web Ventures

An online platform where web entrepreneurs receive services from talent in exchange for equity in the company.

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Web Ventures is an online platform where web entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas for a new idea and invite talented developers, designers, businesspeople, and other staff--whatever their need is at the time--to join them. Interested parties can reply to the pitch by filling out a form customized by the entrepreneur that can include a design portfolio, snippets of code, innovation case studies, or quirky questions to gauge cultural fit. If one of the interested parties is chosen, he/she can join the new venture in exchange for equity in the future of the company, which is pre-determined and part of the original pitch.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Web entrepreneurs don't always have deep pockets for funding their own ventures, but they're often in need of strong talent and advise. Through Web Ventures, web entrepreneurs are paying people with the "potential" that their ideas have. If they can pitch the idea and have a cohesive story to tell, they may be able to garner the support required to launch. On the other side of things, people who have the talent to make a new venture a reality don't necessarily want to quit their day jobs to join startups, but can provide valuable services. Web Ventures is a relatively low-risk way of contributing to the start of something that could be very special and investing talent, again, in the potential that people see in a new idea.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

The EC will need to build out the technical infrastructure and platform to support this. Similar technological structures already exist, e.g. Kickstarter, Ning, HRIS, etc. So, the EC should be able to negotiate relatively good rates for the initial buildout. In order to help fund the system, the EC can charge a low monthly fee to those who post pitches to the community to make sure that the site is self-sustaining. Applicants wouldn't have to pay anything as we want to incentivize participation to ensure the Web Entrepreneurs have a strong selection to choose from. The system itself would need administrators, developers, and managers.

How could we get started?

It would be good to start small scale and prototype the site and see what works well and what doesn't. To do this, the EC could offer limited free monthly subscriptions to web entrepreneurs and try to elicit feedback. In order activate adoption of the system, the EC could target technical departments, design departments, and business departments and universities as college students tend to not have the money to start things on their own.


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Hey Homer. Cool idea, I especially love how it circumvents the problem of start-ups not having enough cash on hand to get jobs done. It also kind of reminds me of, have you checked that out? Could be a potential partner/tie-in.

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