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Walmart your Incubator

Imagine being able to attend an art exhibition, a yoga/dance class, get some studying done, get food, get basic tech support service, host a meeting with your company, and chat with your clients in France/China/New York all under one roof in one day!

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We had the privileged to talk to a friend who started his own company last year and learning from his obstacles we realized what the space should look like.  

It should be an open space/ maybe a whole floor of a building.
It has a space manager.
Everything in this place is for RENT for a very small price.

So the way this place works is that we have broken it down to some essential sections. If you are an artist and want to start showcasing your company's play, or your art collection you can rent a part of this space for a few days, or a few weeks and get support from local people.  Helping you build your brand/company!

Thinking of starting your own yoga studio/ dance studio/ or a meditation center? Use this space to feel out the environment and learn from this experience to see what you are doing right and what can be improved!

Don't have a place to host your weekly/monthly board meeting?  Want to sit down with your customer/clients and develop your ideas?  Why not? Use the meeting room that can also be rented for a few hours.  

Want to see what your product will look like? Want a space to build it? Use the Playroom and let your imagination run lose and create!

If you have any technical problems you can also stop by the Service Area and get your tech. needs served.  Also there will be a database for other spaces like this and the businesses they are hosting.

Projection screens will connect you to your nearest social incubator or to a real far away one.   Have a casual face to face meeting without leaving the space.   These projection screens are your connections to other social incubators. So now you can co host events with people sitting thousands of miles away from you.  

If you are a student, this is also a great way to learn what is happening all around you.  Since students are the future of everything having them involved in this space will keep everyone on their feet about their ideas.  

The project asks for a lot of money but by renting these spaces out at a cheap price , with a few ground rules it can start to create money for itself.  The kitchen can be used as a source of income by selling the people who are coming to this space light refreshments, tea, and coffee.

This place is to be designed in a way that it sustains and breathes diversity.  Because if people from the same field keep trying to solve a problem on their own it will take them longer but an outside view will give them more ways to look at their problem.  This space can be a host for this diversity.  

The space manager/connector will help keep all the incubators connected and make sure everything is running smothly and the databases are updated so if the entrepreneurs using this space want to reach out to another similar social incubator these connectors can help link them together.  

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

This space will be able to provide intellectual diversity and networking opportunities for web entrepreneurship. They now not only will have the space to chill out and have fun but can showcase what their business is doing to the local community, and host their board meetings in a space that is shared by many.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

For the law itself you will need economists, financial analysts, lawyers, legislation makers, mature start up companies, and an OPEN MIND.

How could we get started?

We think the way to jump start this process will be for the government to give tax breaks to the companies that are already successful. But this tax break will only be provided if the company/organization is going to build a social incubating space open to everyone.


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I feel that this idea doesn't have to be strictly used with Walmart. I think it could have its own name and be placed in College towns and places similar across the world. This would promote collaboration and networking which in return would create small business I am almost sure of it. Love the idea!!!

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Oh you are right but I guess what we wanted to say was that this area is like a walmart for web entrepreneurs and start up companies because it will offer everything they want at a very cheap price.

and OOO P.S. Thanks for loving the idea :)

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What if you were able to combine all these ideas into one by this I mean a place where these web entrepreneurs can go to network but supplies and work all at the same time. While keeping it out of food courts I still like the association between this idea and solace like Starbucks and panera becuase these places only attract these people your talking about!

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