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Virtual Incubator Hub

A one-stop shop for online business guidance and tools for getting a website and social media presence set up.

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A Virtual Incubator would connect students and young professionals to "intern" for entrepreneurs who require part-time legal, business, or design services. This way, many small businesses can share a web designer, lawyer, or other professional without the difficult steps of finding a consultant and paying consultant fees. Successful businesses may hire interns they work well with as they grow and develop, creating a win-win situation between entreupuener and employee. The incubator would provide important stepping stones from self-employment to owning a fully-fledged business with employees.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

The Incubator would also provide a way to create and share resources. For example, a multilanguage picture dictionary could be developed that would include iconography for use on websites. Interested people could add definitions in their native language for the pictures, and this would be shared for free on the site. Another example may be a game to practice entrepreneurial skills and create a business mindset--something that would remind the user to check reports, record sales, prompt to update social media, and develop other business skills. In our prototype (as seen in image): a web entrepreneur in Italy discusses latest street fashion around the world and the 2012 Fall Collection with an industrial design student in Rochester, England.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Graphic designers pro-bono lawyers computer/web trainers partnership with universities/design schools/ business schools

Virtual Team:

Cornell Hackathon: Gabriela Leite-Soares Chularat Niratisayakul Chris Hayes Rachel Happen

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Great concept! I was thinking of an internship exchange type program where Europeans on a "gap year" or after Uni could go on exchange to intern in another country. I really like your idea of a virtual internship, that solves a lot of logistical questions related to work exchange and international employment!