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Virtual Economy for Vapor Startups

The startups remain in the incubating stage for a long time during which they are still not exposed to actual market conditions. The exposure to a virtual economy simulation would encourage startups to learn the market risk faster and grow fast.

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All these vapor startups take a lot of time in actual realization because the people behind the ideas are not very sure about their actual requirements.

These requirements are :

1. How much infrastructure.

2. Starting capital

3. People and expertise

4. Margin and Break-even

5. Risks and Market Policy

6. Entry challenges

All this can be solved with virtual economy during the vapor state itself. An economy simulation can be created online in which banks will sponsor such vapor startups with virtual money.

Even though the money will be virtual, the simulation will be driven by actual market driving factors such Price Index growth, GDP growth, Government policies ,etc.

Sometimes such vapor startups may not want to share their product offerings while being in incubating state. However they can share their offerings portfolio. ( such as Infrastructure , Advertising , Networking , etc.)

The banks will sponsors these startups for buying virtual resources and since other such startups will also buy virtual resources , there will be a projection of actual economic movements in the virtual economy hub. The virtual economy hub condition would reflect conditions similar to the future real economic conditions. this will prove a great learning ground for such vapor startup.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

1. The vapor startups would get a better understanding of market movements and economic factors. 2. They could plan their asset buyings and size of offerings based on the economy projections. 3.This would result in improved risk mitigation planning. 4. The profiles of vapor startups which are performing well in the virtual economy can be shared with potential VCs. Most Important : Learning will reduce the fear of investment.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Online forum having the following important sections : 1. Market compliance/policy mechanism 2. Banks and VCs fund simulation 3. Infrastructure simulation 4. Buyer or Entrepreneurs A group of market experts or analysts would be required to moderate in the initial phase of the economy simulation. However once the system grows robust, the market movements will become self driven.

How could we get started?

1. Such a economy forum can be created and integrated with social networking sites. Farmville is an excellent example of a self driven simulation. 2. Banks can start service like " Future Loans " where they give some special offers to startup if they perform better with Future Loans and payback in time. Need more suggestions.

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nice one !

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An Inspiration :

The video suggest that how social media can be used predict market movements.

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It could be something like a Business Game. A environment a Simcity where you can simulate real market condition.

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