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ToolBelt: Everything you need, always at hand.

ToolBelt is an application that helps keep everything you need easily available in ONE place. The foundation for building something great starts with an idea and the right tools to make it happen.

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ToolBelt is an application that helps keep everything you need easily available in ONE place. The foundation for building something great starts with an idea and the right tools to make it happen.

With infinite add-ons, scroll through your ToolBelt for all your entrepreneurial tools.

Here's a starter list of possible tools:

About (Mission, Vision, Manifesto, My Contact info, etc.)

Branding (Moo Cards, Business Card PDF, Logo PNGs, etc.)

Budget (Excel, Mint)

Calendar (Business, Grant, Competition, Conference...)

Collaboration (Huddle, Cage, etc.)

Communication (Skype, Email, Facebook)

Contacts (Email, LinkedIn, Facebook friend list, Shopify customer list...)

Data (Anyletics, etc.)

Documents (Word, Pages, Adobe PDF)

E-Commerce (Etsy, Shopify)

Funding (Kickstarter, etc.)

Law Search/Chat (Patents, etc.)

Manufacturing (Ponoko)

Member Forum

Photo (Flickr, PhotoShelter)

Publishing (Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous)

Presentations (SlideShare, Prezzi, etc.)

• Reminders (via Mobile/Email with filing dates, etc.)

Social (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

Storage (Cloud Accounts, file storage)

Tax Search/Chat

Video (YouTube, Vimeo)

Each add-on item is a tool on your belt. Tools link to sites/documents/accounts/apps in an organized, clear and simple fashion.

Click on your desired tool and it opens in a tab along the left-hand side of the screen. Open up as many tabs as needed to quickly reference multiple resources. You never need to leave the ToolBelt, it's always at hand and remains in the background as tabs are opened into a highlighted window within the ToolBelt application.

Documents/email/chat are all recorded with your account for later reference (similar to the Evernote application.)

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

ToolBelt will help entrepreneurs start and grow their enterprise by providing them with an infinite and wide array of tools. Add-on tools on the ToolBelt will provide consistent and easy access to anything and everything related to the business start-up and maintenance. Everything is always at-hand; Instant and easy access to Social Media outlet, Tax Advice and Forms, Budgeting, etc. The entrepreneur can open multiple tool-windows for cross-referencing and multi-tasking. The foundation for building something great starts with an idea and the right tools to make it happen.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Resources to build this would require:
- App-Development Team
- User Memberships
- Compatibility/Partnerships with other useful Add-on Tools/Applications

How could we get started?

What first steps might be appropriate to make this idea a reality?
- Find an initial investor to fund the Development
- Hire App-Designer(s) and App-Developer(s)
- Submit ToolBelt to the Apple AppStore at a determined price-point
- Advertisement(s) in media geared toward our customers


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Photo of Paul Reader

Great idea Andreanna!
How do you see the range of tools growing - through designer choice, user choice or collective accumulation?
To avoid clutter would you see a system of user preferences from the tools on offer?

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Thanks, Paul! Great question. I think you're as every bit the designer of this app as I am. How would you prefer the range of tools to grow? I'm partial to the user maintaing control, but a "suggested-tools" notification or pop-up could be fun. :) Can you expand on your last question?

Photo of Paul Reader

Hi Andreanna
Just to explain my thinking a bit - the list you made
Budget etc.
I saw as categories of tools that might fit with Ashley's Founders Roadmap and Louise's Project Angel while the tools themselves (that is the links to them) would form the content of the categories as you have demonstrated.
Am I right in thinking that the Toolbelt comes with a set of categories to suit the average user or follow the roadmap but the content is empty until chosen by the user, based on the tools they have access to.or would there be an ever growing master list?
As to my last previous question i guess I was thinking that if users have several tools in each category they might have an order of preference for using them. For example I have a Facebook account but because I am uncomfortable with the use of my information I rarely use it.

Photo of Andreanna

Yes, I think there will be a default set of tools that are necessary for building a business and maintaining strong relationships. The user can go beyond the default tools and add on other useful tools that aid in their particular needs. Maybe there could even be a way to see ToolBelts that belong to our friends and collaborators, and then share tools with one another, similar to how we would work together and learn from each other in our tangible off-line world.
(The plus side being that we don't actually risk loosing our tools when sharing them. lol!)

I'd like to see an aspect of mentorship be incorporated, perhaps via chat and/or roadmap comparison, etc. I could see this as an data-comparison chart via friends/success-models/etc.

I think Facebook and social media are very powerful tools for business right now. If your "Social Media" tool on ToolBelt is not synced with an active account, then it doesn't have any priority. If someone has multiple social media accounts that they are actively using, then all the accounts would be accessible through the ToolBelt "Social Media" tool. It's like having access to everything you need in one place WITH the flexibility to scale and adapt as needed.

It's quite literally like having a construction tool belt, or gathering ingredients before preparing a dish in the designers and entrepreneurs, we need a place to grasp and organize all the facets of building a business that we juggle with every day, because the tools are broad and diverse and we need a way to reign 'em in to handle things efficiently and effectively. :)

Photo of Paul Reader

Thanks for the further explanation Andreanna I'm getting a better picture of your thinking. I just wish I had the skills to start prototyping these and the related concepts because, as with some of the concepts in the Social Impact challenge I think they are worth developing regardless of this challenge outcome.

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