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The Startup Wiki

The knowledge of startup entrepreneurs accessible for anyone at one place. From, what is the best project-management tool to market-entry strategy for the Chinese market. The needs and processes are similar in all startups.

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There are a lot of startup networks out-there (like Startup- und Digital-Experten from Germany). But, how could you tap their knowledge any time?

A wiki could be an answer. Imagine you could see the first pitch-slide-deck of Instagram or market data from Groupon. does already a good job. Such a database should be enhanced by hands on information which are necessary to build a startup.

This database could be a crowd-sourced project which is not just a support for single web entrepreneurs but a support for the whole startup industry.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Learn from the success and failures of other entrepreneurs.You don‘t need to reinvent the wheel a second time. The needs and processes are similar in all startups. - Did Mark Zuckerberg use basecamp to manage his team? - What is the right tool for the task. - You need to print a business-card, would it be good to see those of other startups. - What typo is Path using? All this questions have bee answered already once. It would be great to access this knowledge. But, in the end it is all-about your idea and creativity which makes the difference.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Commitment, dedication and open-minded entrepreneurs.

How could we get started?

Set up a wiki

Virtual Team:

Paul van Zoggel


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If you google "startup wiki" you will already see a number of sites. However, these are just sites that shows people what are the things to look out for as a start up.

I'm hoping to see if there more of a start up directory that has wiki like information. That way I could monitor it's progress and also find out from a glance who are the founders and what are their backgrounds.

Edmund Ng

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