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The Start-up´s Guide to the Marketplace

A tour guide that shows tips, recommendations and pitfalls on the roadmap for the successful entrepreneur, information themed to help: Find Ideas, Find Talent, Find a Market, Find Funding and Remain Successful.

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From Paul van Zoggel´s concept: “Napoleon did not need an encyclopedia, he needed a roadmap”

I thought that what Napoleon really needed was somewhere in between, a tour-guide! Or at least a travel guide!


I instantly thought of the fictional Hitchhikers´ guide to the galaxy because of the fun way to display information and the way it is used. You ask it a question and receive a concise answer, then you have the option to expand it or keep things simple. The main ideas are created by a specialized team and the rest of the content is added and edited by a community of users. 

It would go from basic terms, like in the concept "Founders dictionary" to whatever the community wants to share!


The format would be a Wiki-style in terms of editing and linking articles, with something a bit more attractive/visual as the main interaction area for finding information.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

This concept will cover crucial information for start-ups at all points of their development; it goes beyond basic information and creates a net of supporting mechanisms: • Find Ideas: Tools, procedures, suggestions.. • Find Talent: Job offerings and crowdsourcing • Find a Market: Pooling market research data • Find Funding: Connection to and advice from financers • Remain Successful: Success stories, Q&As and online workshops This information already exists but it is unorganized, not shared widely enough or lacking a consistent mapping that can really exploit the possibilities of learning from other´s experiences.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Time and people for the research, most of the info is out there. It won’t take long for a committed community to generate good content as long as the main structure for information is set up correctly. Financing could be crowd as well, or started for free and grown on donations like a Wiki. If the information really reached a high level there could be a small membership or a model similar to the Harvard Business Review (but I would rather keep it free for users)

How could we get started?

Most of the work for this is already getting done in the challenge phase with the great inspirations that people provided. Meena Kadri´s video about tiny light bulbs is the kind of information that this concept would pool together. I loved the graphic look of Andreanna´s “toolbelt". So many of the bits of information that would fill the guide are already appearing on this design challenge! We just need a comprehensive structure to organize them and a graphical tool to make it shine :) Paul´s idea of an information roadmap is a fantastic graphical tool, refer to his concept because it would be a big part of my own concept.

Virtual Team:

Paul van Zoggel


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Good thinking with this. There really aren't any sites out there quite like what you have in mind. It would surely help me

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Thanks Brad, I thought many of the ideas we were having around here were very complementary so this might help to unite them.

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I miss the OPENideo 'unite' plugin :)

Here is my humble attempt, with guide included :

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