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The Frustrated

Create a for-profit social interaction hub where entrepreneurs, investors and designers come together to discuss ideas, find talent and work in teams

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It is staggering to me how many great designers are unemployed or underemployed these days, and how many great entrepreneurial ideas never see the light of day. I also understand it is difficult for companies to find the right people, especially given the hundreds, if not thousands of resumes they receive for any given job posting.  It is simply wasted potential-like tons of food going to waste while people are starving. Perhaps it is not a question of resources, but rather one of logistics.

Create a monetized collaboration hub, where companies are required to hire teams of 3 for any project as opposed to creating a bidding war between designers or an open competition where most ideas are given away for free.  You would also require that all designers join into teams of 3 and that they would have to change it up occasionally; meaning after 3 projects designers would be required to collaborate on other teams.  This would hedge against teams becoming competitive and foster collaboration.  Without change there is no progress.  Fresh ideas grow in the soil of new collaborations.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs would come to the hub looking for talent or to discuss ideas they have. They may also look for investment capital from companies looking to invest in ideas, especially New Media web or mobile applications. For an entrepreneur this hub would allow their great ideas to be heard and grab a foothold. You might call this part of the hub “The IDEA Box”. Similar to Open IDEO the IDEA Box would be a central drop zone where ideas could be proposed. This would be similar to, but with the added value of designer input. This would benefit companies, because they could 1) post jobs and 2) look for ideas to invest in. An added benefit for companies would come from strongly encouraging them to seek talent that is within their economic region. This is the online version of "shop local". This would be done so that companies could help cultivate talented people in their region who could potentially be hired as an employee.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

A partnership from a company willing to invest the capital to create "the pitch". The pitch would consist of website; video; mobile app; the money required to sell this idea to larger companies or venture capitalists; and of course, the people to design, program and present the pitch materials.

How could we get started?

Perhaps this is where IDEO and European Commission’s Digital Agenda Assembly would call on the relationships they have built over the years and present the idea to companies or investors who have a commitment to fostering ideas & talent.


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