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Talent Swap

Web-designer seeks Accountant Accountant seeks Web-designer Let's trade

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Basically a start up web-designer most likely knows nothing of accounting.  A startup accountant knows nothing of web-design.  A talent exchange can be setup that lets them seek each other out to trade services.  You do my taxes, I'll make your website.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

This will allow entrepreneurs to find resources that the may not normally be able to do themselves or afford to pay for. They can find the skill they need and offer their service in exchange. Ashley Jablow had great comments about how to handle this in Europe across borders and languages. This is often challenging. I find that even in non-English speaking countries that most web-sites have an English version and English seems to be the most effective "common" language to use. However that isn't always practical when you are talking about exchanging talent. This perhaps could be it's own "talent swap". The talent may be that they are multi-lingual. There were also comments about how to "qualify" someone to make sure they are legitimate. Perhaps prior to "swapping" background checks and license verifications would be necessary. This can be expensive however. In the end it's up to the parities involved to agree to the swap based of the information they have. They would have the right to ask for certain information and if not provided can move on to the next. The system it's self could have a basic "reference" section in the profile License # Licensed In Business References Bond/Insurance info Doing business on the web is risky in it's self and everyone should proceed with caution no matter the business. Perhaps even a questionnaire could be sent between parties to learn more about eachother w/o giving to much personal information up front.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Web Development-A respository of people and talent will need to be created. Money: Web Dev costs money Partnerships: These will be the foundation of the concept.

How could we get started?

Find some cash! Perhaps use that wonderful Makers and Believers concept to get investors. Build out the site Let the matches happen will this site make money? - Well these are business people using this site. Perhaps find advertisers. Also, as matches are made, solicit for donations. Or make it subscription based. Possibilities are endless. It's also possible this could be a .org that is not in business to make money but to assist new business and obtain grants.


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Been traveling for work and totally behind on this. Great builds off my basic concept have come up! Check out there's. I'll try to post their links but I'm new to this and I have to figure out how to find them :). I didn't keep the emails. Any one who knows how to find them would love some help.

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