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Startup Campus

As a startup, you need workspace, infrastructure, a network, housing and food. All this you could get on a startup campus. Live and work for a dedicated time with other entrepreneurs on an campus to jump start your startup.

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During summer most Universities are empty, this would be the perfect location and time to get startup teams together to jump start their projects. European institutions could sponsor these teams to work and live on a campus.

The outcome of such a campus stay could be a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Startup-Weekend  ( is a good example on how working and living together can generate an MVP in short time.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs would get: - Infrastructure - Food - Housing - A network of like minded entrepreneurs The entrepreneurs could dedicate their whole energy on the project.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

There are many entrepreneurial programs which are already established at Universities, these programs have to be opened to non students. Europe has a well established infrastructure of universities which are mostly backed by governments. Let startups access this infrastructure.

How could we get started?

Get in touch with Universities


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I enjoyed checking out Start-up Weekend, Phillipe. Others might like to check it out too: (you can add the link to your post by hitting the Update Entry button on the right of you post & following these instructions: )

Perhaps there might be learnings from the TEDx model: where guidelines are provided for global events. Something like this might provide your concept with a central brand yet relative autonomy for participating institutions. A centralised site would also help celebrate successes and share learnings across the Start-up Campus network.

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Thanks Meena, this is valuable input. Putting Startup Campus on a global level would definitely need a centralized site to celebrate successes and share learning. I also like the idea of a TEDx like event model. After each "summer" a global conference could be implemented, where the MVPs are presented. This would be ideal to rise funding for these startups. Furthermore, operating on a global level means a higher availability of campuses ( the advantage would be to use the summer-break on both sides of the globe)