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Re Research Web startups, make passion a serious investment

A complete study of web startups in Europe in terms of their success rate, returns, markets, growth, etc... Experts talk about the possibilities of a diversified start-up portfolio. Help “serious investors” view startups as a reasonable investment!!

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Lets face it, as entrepreneurs we are sometimes so passionate about our ideas that we forget where most of the capital is, and what most of the capital wants. Certain investors are too “serious” for web start-ups and think commodities, blue-chips or gold are better financial tools. Some investors are less informed, misinformed, or are educated to view finance differently, with more traditional investments in mind. To these people investing in an underdeveloped company that plans to provide some (in their view) obscure service… just seems like a bad idea!!! And something tells me this is not a minority of investors.

Imagine the EC researches and interviews hundreds of web start-ups giving data on the potential markets, the success factors, the proportion of the economy they represent and could represent around the world. The objective is to document the key success factors and explain the importance of web start-ups in numbers, in the language and terms that investors use and understand.

We all love a great, garage to 1trillion IPO story… rather, all entrepreneurs love that! Investors want other things, and taking advantage of the EC´s capabilities and reputation will only benefit future web start-ups looking for funding.

I was inspired by this forum conversation:

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

This formal research “rediscovers” the idea of a start-up investment portfolio to many traditional investors and helps bring new capital to create and support web start-ups.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

The EC would need time and people for the research, a survey of many European start-ups, econometric analysis, really big amounts of data... It is an ambitious project but it fits well within the capabilites (as far as I understand) of the organization

How could we get started?

We need to think about what investors want to see regarding a start-up as an investment. Figure out the best possible translation from entrepreneur to investor language. The EC might need to see a collection of signatures, some social petition for this type of study.


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Hi David, in your idea you will concentrate on generating new content (research, interview etc) or will focus to gather existing data to one place (like OECD and similar analysis)?

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Ha, ha - I love this.

I know there is a group doing this already (for the whole web - not just Europe.):

But I am not sure how far they have gotten.

Also, unfortunately, true data about successes and failures may be sobering to investors, rather than inspiring. Investing (especially equity investment) in tech start-ups is about as speculative as it gets. But the research would definitely yield all sorts of interesting information beneficial to start-ups.....