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Plug'n a Startup

Scaling a startup to more clients/firms/cities after initial arousal/momentum is difficult. The time from proof of concept to market adopting is to slow, too many die. Plug in a Startup is accelerating scaling.

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A. It is easy for a government to accept a franchise in town, banks/buildings/job opportunities are aligned. 
B. It is easy for a global firm to retail a new product, the logistics and networks are in place. 
C. Now can we create the same logic for webstartups? Not only to think as a franchise from the webstartup within, but also help cities and big firms to easier adopt a new franchise idea?

This concept is the place to figure out how. 

It is about finding a formula for a big firm and city gov. to see the big win-win to connect with franchise startups. Without taking much risk, see the seed grow. 

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

FIRM : Try a service/product idea in a big firm and surf on their offices worldwide. CITY : Try a service/product idea in 10 cities on 5 continents. Stay the owner of the startup. Before you enter with your big idea into an accelerator/incubator, it is actually already a startup. You have a franchisable idea from start, the big firm or city government can benefit, but you keep the freedom to become more effective. Get the maximum out of the legal framework EC DAA has setup to franchise in many companies and city regions in Europe (and abroad)

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Goodwill of IDEO ;)

How could we get started?

IDEO helping us with goodwill of one multinational firm and one (mega) city board of directors. We can find the startups here ourselves who want to try to plug,n play themselves as possible franchises.

Virtual Team:

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To add to this, why not incentivise big online communities (Netmums, Avaaz, etc) to 'plug in' or 'adopt a start up'? I'm really sold on the idea of leveraging an established company's channels to offer start-ups a route to market. Especially if it is planned in at the earliest stage possible when that company can influence product development.

Like your blog too Paul - some interesting posts on there, especially the latest about education. I would love to see an IDEO challenge on something to do with the problems and opportunities relating to i-pads and toddlers / preschoolers!

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exactly, plugging in early can be really win-win for the host company and the startup; both can evolve/grow better/faster.

big online communities having 'real plugins' webentrepreneurs, is good thinking can be technically easy, though do they have 'real challenges/innovation need like big firms and cities have (=investment incentive). I can imagine helping these global portals go local through plugins.

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ipad toddler challenge on openideo; yes! Would love to see global inspirations gathered how to help kids from not getting bored in school when 6. What institute should we ask to sponsor one?

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