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Chat Roulette for pitches of any kind. Getting practice delivering a pitch, and honest feedback on a pitch is critical for every entrepreneur. This video chat service allows entrepreneurs to pitch each other in return for honest, structured feedback.

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Seriously like chat roulette. Members are randomly assigned to one another, according to certain matching criteria, over a video chat feature. This is meant to be a structured pitch session. 3-5 minutes for a pitch. 2 minutes for feedback - initial impressions and any other feedback the entrepreneur wants. After one person pitches, the other person then pitches their concept, with the feedback period as well. After 15 minutes, the participants are swapped with other members for another round of feedback. Members can test out pitches, marketing slogans, product sales pitches, storyboards... anything really.

To avoid some of the problems of misuse that arose with the original Chat Roulette, participants will have to fill out a detailed profile that will discourage abusers from joining. In addition, members will be rated by their fellow members after each round, so that abusers can be quickly identified and kicked out of the system. The detailed profiles will also be used to match up members - for example members in the social media space can be matched with each other, etc.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs get practice pitching and instant feedback to quickly refine and hone the messages and pitches they are testing out.


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If this turns out to be anything like the original chat roulette I fear what 1 of 3 of these chats will turn out to be

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Good point. Hadn't envisioned that happening. So this will not be quite as free-wheeling as chat roulette. I'll update the concept.