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Network to learn from users, celebrate diversity and create proudly European startups

By getting budding web entrepreneurs close to users and experiencing different problems, ideas and markets, we can leverage the cultural diversity of Europe to grow unique, scalable and global companies, and solve the "border problem".

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I love the idea of incubators, but its hard to just copy and paste this model into a European context. As mentioned, our issues in Europe are locality and the border problem, aswell as coming up with scalable, innovative web companies that add great value and address real human needs without trying to just follow the hype.

For my concept I'd like to make an analogy to a travelling monk. A monk is typically greatly respected and given privileges within their country to move around easily, to explore and learn more about the world both around them and abroad.

We are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of going into the field to get close to users and understand their pains in order to come up with meaningful value propositions. Its no longer good enough to build a product by living in a bubble. Secondly, its extremely valuable to draw inspiration diverse sources, associating and connectingseemingly unrelated questions, problems, ideas or concepts from differing fields. Most great entrepreneurs seem to have had unique experiences in diverse fields which inspired them to come up with the solution they did.

Web entrepreneurs are in a unique position to provide innovate new solutions, if we give them a) an understanding of the problems, b) experience and inspiration from a variety of sources and c) the means, networks and mentorship to easily turn these ideas into scalable businesses. The diversity and culture of Europe should be viewed as a plus. Diversity breeds innovation and web entrepreneurs can transcend these "borders".

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

This opportunity will give web entrepreneurs an exciting and stimulating opportunity to learn, network, find real problems to work on, travel and live a fulfilling life while launching a sustainable high-value business. For a year we can give budding entrepreneurs certain benefits to step out of the grind and focus on developing their companies within Europe. Create benefits to promote easy cross-border travelling. This could include free transport, a sponsored mobile roaming plan across Europe and use of co-working spaces. We can give discounts or sponsored admission to conferences, workshops, events all around Europe. It will be a sort of "Web entrepreneurs across borders" with an elite status. We need to give them the freedom to wander and learn yet still be held accountable to mentors and giving feedback on the internal network or a blog. Additionally, collecting all these budding entrepreneurs together in such a network makes it is easier to plug in some of the other great ideas shown on this site for helping web startups, as well as increasing their visibility as startups for investment or crowdfunding. With the different markets in Europe understood, they'll have a lot of experience, a lot of cultural influences and local flavours and fusions, yet at the same time have the internationalisation necessary to easily scale globally.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Partnerships, support of local communities, game-changers who are willing to give a lot of time to help collectively build this as an "open-source" concept.

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I love the traveling monk analogy!
As you can imagine, I also think the opportunity to use the ease of crossing the boarders of the EU countries provides a unique opportunity for experience and collaboration.