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A NEW type of incubator where designers, entrepreneurs, and developers WITHOUT IDEAS could come together to discover what the INDUSTRY NEEDS and what the MARKET WANTS, so that they could develop SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE technology.

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There is a NEED for an INCUBATOR that better tracks MARKET NEEDS and  INDUSTRY TRENDS on the web with special focus on: 
1. Web 2.0 value propositions (success & failure)
2. Distribution channel innovation 
3. Innovation in advertising models
4. Innovation in digital business models 
5. Development of crowd funding platforms (currently a totally fragmented market)
6. Timing / amount / type of Investment & correlation with success (or failure.)
Ultimately, this organization would function as an incubator where developers, designers, and business people WITHOUT pre-existing prejudices about what the market needs could develop TRULY MARKET ORIENTED PLATFORMS.....
A great article on the importance of product / market fit:
This would be a web development incubator that focuses on CONSUMER BEHAVIOR and the entire web, instead of just individual product development. Also it would focus on funding through non-Venture Capital sources, such as boot-strapping, crowd funding, small loans, grants, etc. Hopefully this would help eliminate some of the speculative investing (and its sometimes destructive consequences)  that goes on amongst tech VCs and Angels.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

It will help web entrepreneurs find creative solutions to their two greatest constraints: 1. Funding 2. Distribution & Generating Revenue

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Lots of RESEARCH which can be drawn from existing projects including: The Start-up Genome Project: Great insight into Value Proposition & the relationship between investment & success. Business Model Generation: Great insights on modern business models Great Modeling Resources: The Right Brain Business Plan: Great business planning tools for non-business people. IAB: Internet advertising research reports and trend analysis. Hubspot: Great software for managing web marketing efforts. Qualtrics: Great survey platform for creating your own consumer surveys for easy distribution. Ice Rocket: Blog / Vlog / Twitter Search Engine - Great resource for measuring consumer sentiment. Alexa: Research about the most successful websites on the web. eBIZ MBA A frequently updated list of websites (organized by function) ranked by traffic. Quantcast: Tool for measuring website traffic & for locating target audience. Free Guide to Current Online Marketing Practices: SEO Book: Provides a collection of free SEO tools. Getting Results from Crowds: Research on crowd sourcing models. Entrepreneurs can exploit these resources. Initially, this market-based incubator could use soft-funding from government grants. Eventually the institute could function as an equity stakeholder or even a lender in the different ventures it launches.

How could we get started?

1. Create a clean open-source platform where interested parties can consolidate and distill insights from relevant research. I believe this platform would need substantial moderation to ensure that research is relevant, consolidated, organized, and high quality. 2. Provide people with tools for doing their own research (such as the Ideo's HCD toolkit): 3. Apply for soft funding from grants, etc. to launch a more formal organization.

Virtual Team:

Ari Massoudi Philippe Souidi Meena Kadri Amy Bonsall Sanyu Karani
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Some of my Crowdfunding Research


Great Tech Crunch article about e-business models


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Everybody's saying that web 2.0 is just another .com bubble. However, it's encouraging to see reversing trends in Linked In and Twitter. Finally, it seems that there's still hope for the new web 2.0 companies.

However, it must be said that many thousands more of the social media companies are all struggling and most of them are just bleeding profusely without generating much revenue. Twitter is probably one of the luckier ones and one that has not balanced their books since inception.

We will probably know in 2 years time how these companies are doing and it'll be great if somebody can start can go do a followup of all the web 2.0 companies that created buzz back in 2010.

Edmund Ng

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