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A European network of startup hubs

A network of collaborative, franchised coworking spaces for European startup businesses. Any member can visit & use any space in the network. Legal, accounting & business advice is provided, as well as infrastructure from partner companies.

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Coworking hubs would be established through a franchising arrangement. Businesses and institutions would be given tax incentives to allocate space to coworking; local governments would be given other incentives to create events at those spaces, and to support the people that run them. Finally, further tax incentives would be given for local lawyers, accountants and business consultants to provide their time for free, with a cap in place for a maximum number of possible hours given (possibly set to be proportional to the local population). Further funds would be acquired through direct fees.

To join, you would need to be running or employed at a company that was defined as a startup (eg, less than two years old). Some fees would also be required, but these would be low. Any member could use any coworking hub, throughout Europe, as required. Space would be booked in advance using a web / mobile app, and time would be limited, ensuring that it wasn't monopolized.

This web app would also list the other people who worked at each hub, thereby acting as a local networking tool. Need to find a developer? You could see, at a glance, how many freelance developers there were at the Berlin hub right now - and regularly .

Each hub would also have, on a regular basis, visiting experts who could advise startups on legal, accounting, fundraising, PR and business issues. While the aforementioned tax incentives would be in place for them to give advice, any direct work for any one startup would be paid for by the startup.

Further, links to European infrastructure companies could be established, so that member companies could get preferred rates on web hosting and other required services.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

It will provide adequate space to work, network and build throughout Europe. It will encourage companies to travel through Europe, always knowing they can be productive anywhere in the EU. And finally, it will provide excellent advice and make it easier for founders to build their products.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

The willingness to create the appropriate incentives. Technical partners. Workspace partners.

How could we get started?

Try it in two cities: Berlin and Amsterdam, for example. Nurture a few test companies and use them as an example to show the worth of the programme. Establish a beta version of the web portal.

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Great ideas here, Ben. You or anyone else want to have a stab at giving the hubs a name?

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It's hard because of the language barriers involved. I'd be inclined simply to call them Europa Spaces, riffing off of the similar network for distributing and showing European films.

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