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Know who’s willing to try your prototypes

Looking for someone to try your prototypes? Instead of asking numerous people and being rejected, now you can tell who’s willing to hear your ideas from first sight!

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Sana’s post on “Let's Create Awareness” inspired me to think about ways the public could show their support towards entrepreneurs. And after reading Stefan’s “innovationSpace”, I came up with the idea of creating a supportive atmosphere for entrepreneurs in existing cafés:

The public could help entrepreneurs by trying their prototypes and providing feedbacks. As mentioned in Louise’s “Support Discovery” and Matthew’s “Action Inquiry, for Active Learning” it is important to explore the market and revise your goals before the final launch of your product.

When each customer ordered something to drink in the café, they will receive a cup coaster with different images on both sides (please see the picture). If they are willing to hear entrepreneurs’ ideas, they can flip to the green side; and if they don’t want to be disturbed, they can flip to the red side.

By looking at the cup coasters, the entrepreneurs will know which customers are willing to spend a few minutes to listen to their ideas.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

It will reduce the stress and time effort for web entrepreneurs to test their ideas. This could encourage them to “fail early, fail often” and develop various beta versions for their apps, websites, etc. to explore the market’s reactions.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Partnerships with cafés A platform showing the location of these cafés An efficient way to inform the public the usage of these signs/cup coasters (it would be inefficient if the cafés’ staffs have to inform each customer individually) Money to accomplish the things listed above

How could we get started?

We could start by finding a few participating cafés in each city, then we could start establishing the platform and informing the public.

Virtual Team:

Sana Altaf Stefan Ritter Louise Wilson Matthew Collins


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Interesting build, Ting-Han! I completely understand the need to find people to test a prototype, especially an independent one. The coaster image idea is really simple and engaging.

I wonder if a means of gaining trust in the people testing can be included? Firstly so that your idea can be kept secret if necessary (do people always trust non-disclosure agreements?) and secondly so you know that the person has given genuine, useful feedback?

The collaborative consumption model springs to mind - trust between strangers is so important and EBay were one of the first to achieve this with their user rating system. Just some food for thought!

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Thanks for the feedback Louise! Instead of finding random people, maybe an online community with registered users will help establish more trust. CouchSurfing's system just came to my mind...see if I could incorporate some ideas into the revised concept!

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Louise, inspired by your comments, I posted another concept:
Hope to hear your thoughts on it!