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The hero startup roadmap/wiki/guide

The heroes journey with thresholds towards the 'holy elixer'. 12 phases of Campbells' heroes journey applied to (wannabe) webentrepreneurs. Also a UrgentEvoke-ish fiction story on top of database with resources.

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This is a build-in for Ashleys roadmap. 

UPDATE 27/4 : There are many concepts on having the #io_startup inspirations organized in a guide/roadmap/wiki with fun elements to keep it up to date. 

It doesn't matter which concept get's through, but is it an idea to get already a team together who have aspirations to make a roadmap/wiki/angel/zaphod for webstartups to find way in the modern business development forrest? 

In virtual team below a first attempt.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Heroes journey; bricks/milestones represinting ups and downs, a good 'Hitchhiker story can help you remember the phase you are in. It is also true that more people want to be a police officer because of CSI, or a doctor because of Grey's Anatomy. It is an idea to make a story with real EU/world heroes in startups. Kids don't think about a job in the future if it aint heroic/iconic (footballplayer/fireman/astronaut). So the good story (like in urgentevoke) can be the great layor on top of the REAL options/possibilities/roadmap/wiki to be inspired to start a startup and grow a startup internationally.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Getting a (big) IT firm aligned who has somebody to do the coding of the roadmap/wiki/guide data. Get some storywriters involved to get to urgentevoke level of fictional/real herostories. Budget to do a pilot/demonstrator. Like 20k.

How could we get started?

1. Get the people who put in concept roadmap/help/angel/zaphod/highway analogy together and make one A4 page of the best of all ideas. 2. Collect the process inspirations and concepts, and filter it towards the 12 phases of a hero startup. 3. Build a wiki with resources/inspirations and associate it to timeline.

Virtual Team:

Ashley Jablow ( as this concept started as a build-in for her roadmap concept) Kelsey Ruger (because later I saw you also put the heroes journey inspiration online) David Arnedo (because you want a hitchhikers guide, hopefully with Zaphod) Philippe Souidi (you want a wiki, and know to make things simple but not simplistic) Louise Wilson (Zaphod on your shoulder, an angel in your mobile, a great interface start)


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Photo of Edmund Ng

This is one cool road map. Especially the part about total awareness. Typically the first ideas are always not the best of ideas. In entrepreneurship, it's like learning endurance and perseverance. Sometimes you need to get a few knocks before you get to become a better person, a better entrepreneur.

It's not about how many times you fail but how you get up when you fail. It's like the never dying passion and believe of finding the right idea out of the 100s of failed ones. It's like the crazy inventor in Shark Tank that never gives up even when 100s of inventions just don't get interest.

Edmund Ng

Photo of Paul van Zoggel

Thanks Edmund, you are right. The total awareness is key to entrepreneurship. And youth needs this type off roadmap beyond oldstyle "find patent, get rich" models. How is your journey going?

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