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Entrepreneur Map - A network of growing entreprises

A map based network of growing entreprises which focuses on giving the startup a better local visibility. It also solves the problem of local resource hunting and increases collaboration between the users.

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Have you ever wondered who are the maximum users of websites like Linkedin at a given point of time ?
These are the following set of user :
1. Job Seekers.
2. Students who want to increase there professional network.
3. Service provider representatives
4. Human Resource Recruiters
5. Startup heads

Enterprise Map will be a service provided by such major professional networking sites such as Linkedin. Every time a startup profile is created , it is presented in the local Map with significant notifications. Start up can share its network on the map . This will also support the other enterprises who are directly and indirectly connected to the startup in gaining visibility. In return it will increase the visibility of the startup to the shared and 3rd connections.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

What happens once these user are connected ? User can now create local map nodes. These local map nodes can be created based on the following information 1. Almnus information.e.g. Mr.Ram , the head of XYZ is an alumnus form IIT Mumbai. 2. XYZ is currently a proud service provider to these comapanies. 3. XYZ hires or want to hire talent from these institutions. Now these visual local nodes if not connected would tell that the startup is with an open ended node i.e. requirement. This kind of local map based visualisation will not only help startup to network but it will help them to understand each others requirements well. It will involve more of local collaboration which is most imporatant at the early years of a startup.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

The most accessible professional networking site can be used as a basic platform. Location based user base features can be included inside such websites.

How could we get started?

We can integrate google maps pluggin inside famous networking sites. And add additional tagging features based on user groups.

Virtual Team:

Jeremy Innes-Hopkins


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Photo of jyotirmaya mahapatra

Thanks for featuring "Entrepreneur Map".

I have added few more diagrams which details out how the Enterprise Map could help the company and other companies to get relevant information ,collaborate and grow.

Photo of jyotirmaya mahapatra

Please view :
1. People Search based on the Company's Enterprise Map.
2. Institution Search based on the Company's Enterprise map.

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Jyoti, this is a great start, in fact in a profession where 'the more minds the merrrier'...its just the right direction for building a collaborative culture that optimises creative talents and enriches the profession irrespective of location or experience. My present self-initiated research on collaborative businesses will find your tool as a useful resource. Thanks!

Photo of Meena Kadri

Funny – at first when I saw your image I thought you were talking about a Collaboration Map like the OpenIDEO one eg. then I read properly I realised you meant a location map. I'd certainly be keen to track levels of collaboration between and beyond my network on LinkedIn – this would let me know how collaborative various players are (feeding a virtual layer of trust). Looking forward to developments on this idea.

Photo of Paul Reader

Yes I agree Meena - will also look forward to developments here. In particular I am interested in the prospect of integrating google maps plugin on sites like Linkedin.
Alternatively it could be independently established and linked to concepts like Priyanka's Connecting Entrepreneurs and Experts
( )
which then together could be elements in Andreanna's Toolbelt
( )

Photo of Amy Bonsall

Love the idea of a collaboration map so we can see who is doing what and how we could connect - be it virtual or physical.

If we could expand this so that we had a searchable log of who is doing what that would be fascinating - how many times have we come up with ideas and thought "there must be a start-up doing that?"

Photo of jyotirmaya mahapatra

Thanx Paul.

"Entrepreneur Map" can be best used as a plugin only. The idea of using it as a part of Priyanka's Connecting Tool and Andreanna's toolkit will work the best because "Entrepreneur Map" is not an independent tool. It will have to use the existing information about the organization.

That is why I have tried to integrating it with linkedin. As linkedin already has all the relevant information.