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DRAFT ESEA, Entrepreneurship Learning to Giving Back: A complete system for student entrepreneurs

The European Student Entrepreneurship Association (ESEA) includes Learning, Thinking, Doing and Giving Back. Members of OpenIDEO Student Chapter at NYU-Poly take you through Miss Appleseed's story as she travels through the road map of the ESEA.

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The European Student Entrepreneurship Association (ESEA) is a discipline oriented includes different countries and different professions that takes a student through different learning stages of learning on how to be come an entrepreneur.

Our story opens with Miss Appleseed...Miss Appleseed is a new student at the ESEA.  She must travel through the new innovator's roadmap to be successful in the ESEA program and to be able to give back to the program. 

Miss Appleseed starts her journey in the learning stage where she starts learning in the university where she starts learning new innovative methods to come up with ideas for her first startup. The learning is done through the university, through knowledge of being an entrepreneur. She transforms into an entrepreneur through the teachings of other entrepreneurs

Miss Appleseed journeys next is to the thinking stage (stage 2). This stage is the Catalyst Stage. At this stage she participates in business plan competitions, industry mentorships.

At the Doing Stage is where Miss Appleseed puts all that she has learned together in an actual startup project supported by the knowledge and relationships she has gained through the beginning of this journey.

This is not the end of our story nor is it the end of Miss Appleseeds journey, but the beginning.  She now is charged with helping the next student entrepreneurs.  We call this the "Giving Back" stage.  Here she will help by teaching new students and investing in their startups.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?


What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?


How could we get started?


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Nice attempt to think of the educational aspect of supporting entrepreneurship in Europe. It'll be great to know more about the "TBD"...
I love the video as it provides a good sense of the journey and the different stages. Maybe you could highlight more the different elements you have in mind:
- providing experiential learning
coaching and mentoring
- creating a network of students, alumni, and professionals (across Europe)

You might want to look at the Erasmus program in Europe and see how you could "build upon" it.

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

oops sorry I did something wrong... let me just go back to my listing of the various elements I could see playing out in your concepts:
- providing experiential learning through:
1. coaching and mentoring
2. a play field where students can experience with new ventures which might end up to be successful
- developing multi-disciplinary teams (and the skills need to work in this context)
- creating a network of students, alumni, and professionals (across Europe)

these points might be part of your answer on how your concept helps support web entrepreneurship.

for Erasmus:

Photo of Anne-Laure Fayard

You might also explore this inspiration:
and see how you could build up on it and integrate existing components in your concept. That might make it easier to implement...

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