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Course credits for helping start-ups

How might we help students learn prototyping, risk-taking and other skills involved in starting a web start-up? What if they could spend a semester helping one, in exchange for class credits.

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Web start-ups could apply for student help at local schools. Schools could then match up students with start-ups based on skill needed. The school could offer class credits to students, but also run a start-up class while the students are volunteering. Each week they could share what they're doing at the start-up and compare notes, providing each other tips on how best to support the start-ups. 

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

In two ways: one by providing entrepreneurs with support, and second by helping teach a generation of children the skills needed to run their own web start-ups.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Partnerships with schools Teachers in schools who could guide students so that they're providing value-add to start-ups. Start-ups willing to mentor students in exchange for some free labour!

How could we get started?

Pilot with one classroom and one start-up, and build from there.

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This is great, promoting hands on, real world experience at schools. Chances are you could get a lot of help from university students simply looking to beef up their resumes prior to entering the real world. This would relieve some of the pressure of getting course accreditation. It would probably be easy to structure the credits as independent studies through a specific professor to get around this too.

There is also probably room to attract professionals looking to transition between careers who need experience in the field they are shooting to transition into. Just another angle...

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