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Co-found your web startup with a Big IT firm !

BIG IT firms offer you their engineering resources to bring your web business idea to life! Pitch your idea to Big IT rock-star employees. If they love your idea, they will conceive your web product and partner with you to launch your web startup.

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There is more and more people having disruptive and innovative web-based business ideas, but these people do not have IT-Web/Computer Science degree, knowledge or skills (except using the internet of course). It is very difficult for these people to find co-founders expert and skilled in IT (such as coders/developers, web-designers and web-marketers). Most of IT/Web experts, even young IT graduates, are a rare resource. Indeed they prefer to be hired and to work for Google, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Apple or other big IT companies than joining a risky start-up project !

Google, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Apple .... could offer their engineering and business resources to web-entrepreneurs who do not have IT skills.

People having a web business idea could submit online their idea pitch to the program. If big IT firm employees are seduced by the idea, they will work on it, and improve it in collaboration with the idea holder. Big IT firm employees will design, build and develop the idea to a beta version ready to be tested in real.

This contribution will be provided in exchange of equity in the future startup company. 

Every web entrepreneurs would dream to have Google, Microsoft or Apple as CTO co-founder?

For example, in exchange of the work done, Big IT firms and their employees will have 20% of the equity of the future startup.

Alternatively, if the web product/service could be commercialize directly by the Big IT firm, the entrepreneur will be rewarded by royalties on revenues of future sales.

The Proof of Concept

Examples of companies offering their support in design and conception to idea holders:

- Quirky: It's a design-driven open-innovation firm for creative products. Submit your idea to the Quirky commnunity, if selected, Quirky will conceive, manufacture and commercialize your product on its e-commerce shop, and you will get royalties on future sales

The Junto: The Junto incubator is dedicated to Non-tech entrepreneurs having a web-startup project. Submit your idea, if selected, The Junto team will conceive your beta version. You can entirely boostrap the project or make it fund it by the crowd / The Junto team work is rewarded by sweat equity or by royalties on future revenues of your startup.

- The Startup porgram of Astek: Astek is a global IT engineering and consulting firm with 3,200 employees and a turn-over of Euro 220M (Headquarter in France). Astek has launched a Startup Program: Anyone can submit an e-business idea/project, if Astek managers are seduced and believe in the business potential, Astek will bring all support in engineering, conception and technical development of the web product. This support is provided in exchange of equity (sweat equity).

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

What is essential for every entrepreneurs, in web and in any other sector, is the technical resource needed to conceive the prototype. With a prototype (or a beta version of a web product/service), the entrepreneur can test the market, and raise funds from investors to sustain all the other resources needed for the development of the startup company. But without a prototype, the idea, even a fantastic one, will remain on the paper even if the paper is a formal business plan written on a strong market research. This concept will enhance the number, the diversity and the quality of web startups.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

The European Commission missions will be: - to offer a legal framework for this startup program (term-sheet, sweat equity and shareholder agreement) - to invite all Big IT firms to join the program The program will be full online (no need to travel) and could be launch as an idea contest twice a year, open to all European citizens. The European Commission will have also to actively promote and communicate about the program, and call web entrepreneurs to submit their ideas.

How could we get started?

This idea is not really complicated to launch, it's just a question of willingness! In addition, the proof of concept is already established (see examples above).


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Hi Ari, some IT firms are already doing this as you mentioned under their own brand and umbrella. Do you expect to bring all this into one place or do you expect to "standardize" a little bit their service to make sure, entrepeneurs can compare them?

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Hi Gabor, Yes the idea is to organize this startup program under the umbrella of the European Commission with a standard (but flexible) legal structure (term sheet, partnership/shareholder agreement ...). The term sheet, shareholder agreement could be very standard, but the services provided by big ITs could be different ("propose what you want") therefore, there will be some competition between the big firms (and at the end thy will all propose the more ... engineering and product development, web-design, e-martking, or even off-line marketing and other business support).

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