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Business Design Coaching for Start-ups

A platform where experienced Business Designers will guide start-ups in the design of their business, from the idea to success.

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'Business Design' is a platform where entrepreneurs can find a coach that will guide them through the process of designing their businesses. Business Designers will analyse the problems each start-up has and give them advices on what to do next.

The idea is a follow-up of the platform I have already implemented, Business Design Tools,  which aims at becoming like a 'wikipedia' for business design tools. The Clinic will provide a 'human' guidance on how to bring a product/service to life using the tools and resources available online.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

As every start-up has specific issues, it's important to have a real experienced person, a coach, to guide them through the process and to whom they can ask advices when needed. That relationship can be held online, so there is no real need to meet in a physical space. The Business Design Coaches will provide guidance on how to make an idea come to life, but will also help entrepreneurs understand their customers and validating their product. The Business Design Coaches will also give entrepreneurs the confidence they need in moment of discomfort and point them in the right place for finding resources and investment.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Resources - Business Design Coaches (experienced designer-entrepreneurs) - A team to develop a business design coaching module (I have already started putting one together but there is a lot of room for improvement) - A team to build the platform so that entrepreneurs can book appointments and have a live video-chat with their coach for X amount of time. - Sponsors to make the first coaching session free (entrepreneurs will need to pay a fee for other sessions) - Entrepreneurs may 'pay' offering a small equity maybe? This needs to be investigated. - Develop a way to assess the quality of the coaching provided.

How could we get started?

Find people interested and qualified to become business design coaches. Validating the idea through field research.


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