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'Project Angel' planning for success

The 'Project Angel' App is a tool to add creativity and fun to making your start-up a success. Set yourself goals, keep on top of what needs to be done and get help along the way.

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Ashley's ' Founder's Roadmap' and Haiyan's ' StartUpPlan' sparked the idea of creating a useful mobile app that allows start-ups to keep an eye on their goals, be realistic about what needs to be acheived, understand where help is needed and plan for when funding is required.

The app could be a part personal 'content management system' and a part crowd source centre of information.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

- You need to be organised and plan for the duration of your project but these plans may not be far enough reaching or forward thinking enough. - You need to be realistic about what resources you need when to put your hand up for help but may be too proud to admit it. - You need to find ways to remind yourself of what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly but may not find project planning software very inspiring. You need to use the Project Angel app to resolve these issues and help you reach high for success: 1/ Choose a set of goals from a predetermined list - these would be along the lines of gain empathy with end user, prototype, marketing, business plan, developing partners, launching etc. 2/ Add in as much information as you can to each goal - there will be prompts to encourage forward thinking and questions to think about; what upcoming events should you attend? What analogies can you learn from? 3/ Add dates to each section of information - these will be used to alert you when action needs to be taken. 4/ Include information as you are working towards a goal. The to-do sections allows you to simply add in things that you need reminding of. Maybe you read an article which you want to relate to that goal or watched something on tv which might be useful. The aim is to break your huge aim down into smaller, manageable goals which can be isolated with hashtags and then related to the bigger picture. Once the information is populated, you carry on with your start-up and wait for reminders or keep adding information as it comes along. Maybe Hints, Tips and Help sections can be included. There is the opportunity to have sections which are crowdsourced - the events section would work well. You can add events that are coming up and allow others using Project Angel to see this information.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Mobile App developers: a platform and mobile app need to be developed. A CMS idea can be used as a starting point taking in iPhone reminders and hashtags to create a planning tool with links to different sections. Prototyping time: the app would need prototyping to discover which aspects are most valuable for the start-up using it. Funding: money would be required for maintaining the system but you could charge for the app to bring this money in.

How could we get started?

Hack together a CMS system with other existing planning and reminding tools: EventBrite Reminders Calendar

Virtual Team:

Ashley Jablow Haiyan Zhang


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I miss the OPENideo 'unite' plugin :) Here an attempt to meetup some great roadmap/guide thinking; Haiyan and others are part of it too ofcourse.

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