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StartUpPlan - The Startup Planner Platform

A web platform to help startups plan their build, marketing needs and attract talent/freelancers to help with various aspects.

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StartUpPlan - A Startup Project Planning Platform

This is a collaborative tool and community where someone thinking of starting up a commercial or social enterprise is taken through a number of steps to define their goals and their needs.

They would then get a project homepage with plan laid out. They can add any request for resources, funding and help.

The community then can browse the projects and offer their services in return for equity or voluntarily.

All aspects of the Startup's progress is tracked on the platform and allows team members to collaborate remotely on code, design, strategy.

For example, for a social startup, someone could come up with a great idea and be looking for coders and designers to join that projects. As they attract community talent, these people can signup to cheer the project on or become fullly-fledged team members, uploading their work and sharing with eachother. Within the space of a few days, new startups could be designed and built.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Giving entrepreneurs all the tools in one easy place.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

It's a new web startup! Who's in?

How could we get started?

Proof-of-concept prototype up soon.

Virtual Team:

Ben Hamley ( originally inspired me on this idea all the way back in Queensland last May, when we were at the Food Challenge workshop together.


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Awesome, Haiyan! I think we have a lot of similar thoughts on how innovators could benefit from a network of passionate, talented contributors. Imagine if all of the energy spent on Facebook was directed towards a purpose!

The challenge I think we both face is how to get people interested in joining the network before it is well-connected. Once it's established, the benefits are very clear. Do you have any ideas for how to attract people in the beginning? One strategy we are focusing on is attracting idea people first. Because they will be excited about their idea, they will share it with their network, and we can grow organically in that way.

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Hi Dan, thanks for your comment!

You bring up a really good point in terms of how a platform such as this could 'go viral'. I think one strategy could be to motivate people to recommend and suggest projects to their friends.

Perhaps if someone sees a project on the platform they can suggest that to a friend they think would be relevant. They could then earn 'matchmaker' points as a result.

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Interesting comments - Judging by other responses OpenIDEO is already a healthy growing community to achieve this for some concepts not yet in the commercial space.I am endeavouring to determine if any of the visitors I have attracted to my site prototyping a few of the non-winning concepts from the Social Impact challenge have actually migrated to OpenIDEO too.

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