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Incentivize "intrapreneurial" initiatives within bigger and older e-companies

Innovations often comes from the most unpredictable place. A better entrepreneurial ecosystem can come from giving companies tax incentives to allow their employees to grow and collaborate with other employees, within and from outside the company.

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The free flow of ideas can help spark innovation and entrepreneurship that can grow an existing company or allow a current employee to start their own.

Monetary, PR, and project resource incentives can help attract bigger and older e-companies, building the collaborative environment employees need to spearhead new internal and external projects (the latter of which contributes to employee happiness and thus productivity).

The monetary incentive would primarily come from a tax break to companies that want to create an "intrapreneurial culture" within their talent pool. An essential benchmark for this incentive entails giving each employee a minimum of 5 hours a week to brainstorm and work on innovative and personal projects, be it with other employees from the same company or with employees from other e-companies and start-ups.

After signing up a number of e-businesses, the European Commission’s Digital Agenda Assembly can then foster interaction by coordinating a monthly or weekly meeting space for collaborative work, hosted by each participating company in a rotating fashion.

Once established, other web entrepreneurs, smaller companies, and start-ups can join and contribute innovative ideas to the group in exchange for collaborative resources.

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It's amazing how Apple are declining with the loss of Steve Jobs. Maybe the soul of apple is gone. It's really disappointing seeing Apple passing off inferior products, such as using 5 Mega Pixel Cameras when all their competitors are already up to 10 or 13 Mega Pixels.

Probably the new Mac Pro will start to kick some butt and woo back it's most ardent fans. Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple isn't that inspiring and if he's only good at numbers, he should stick to it and get somebody inspirational to present at product launches. His speeches lack conviction, are non inspirational and sometimes it gives you the impression that he's not even sold himself yet.

Edmund Ng