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Hack Mobs

Hackathon meets Flash Mob. This is like a multi-discipline hackathon where a bunch of people get together and focus their efforts over the period of a day to help a struggling startup. Paying it forward entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurs have a wish list of things they need help on. Logos, web dev, marketing, video, etc. A group of hackers from any functional area get together virtually for a day to help an entrepreneur work through some items on their wish list.

Motivations for participation are really just like those of a Cash Mob, where people flash mob a local small business and spend money there to help it out in a challenging economy. The sentiments are about paying it forward and helping businesses that you believe in, either because they are local, you're interested in what they stand for, you love their products, or maybe you just want to support web entrepreneurs. It's a random act of kindness.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs get some targeted help with things that are on their to-do lists that they never had the time, money, or expertise to tackle themselves.

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Interesting Reba. Do you want to expand how hackers might be motivated to help the entrepreneurs? Do you have incentives in mind?