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eureka! i've got an idea - UPDATED

I think the solution could be a project that gathers consumer needs, entrepreneurs' ideas, training and funding tools, events and cases into a interface i call "eureka!"

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Written by DeletedUser

I think the solution could be a project that gathers consumer needs, entrepreneurs' ideas, training and funding tools, events and cases into a interface i call "eureka!"

Entrepreneurs could access information directly or through a game of questions and answers till they feel comfortable to start their business. The interface would also allow the participation of consumers, giving them the tools to talk about their needs.

1) CONSUMER DEMANDS / INSPIRATION: the idea is to creat a space where people could discuss their demands in products or services. It will help entrepreneurs get inspired.

2) LEGISLATION / FUNDING / EVENTS / SCHOOL PROGRAMS: goverment and private sector would promote events, funding tools, school programs and challenges to encourage new entrepreneurs. That would be an information source for the game.

3) DOCUMENTS / TRAINING / CASES / SUPPLIERS: these would be the tools where entrepreneurs could find everything they need. Legal documents, training programs, cases and a list of suppliers.

I'm still working on this concept. I will update this as soon as I get more details.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

This project will gather all the information about entrepreneurs needs into ludic interface. It will clarify complicated things and also it will be a place where consumers talk about their needs.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

The project will be run by a team of the European Comission, private sector or volunteers. This team will mantain the site, search for cases of sucess, plan events, promote discussion about legislation and funding, and coordinate other teams. This staff will be formed by accountants, lawyers, web developers, PR and consultants. - The first thing the coordinators of this project have to do is to gather all the information about starting up a business like legislation, legal documents, tax, funding options. Volunteers of the private sector ou government employees could help in this fase. - Then, with all the information, the interface should be created. Now, webdevolopers, designers and editors will be needed. - The coordinators of this program will also promote events, discussions about school programs, consumer needs and maintain the interface updated.

How could we get started?

First steps should be: - Form the main staff to search for the information about starting up a business. - Develop a beta interface where people could register to talk about their needs as consumers. The result of those searches and discussions will be the mains sources to iniciate the implemention of the project and to develope its interface.


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would like to see the reality of the project based on needs and aspirations of struggling youth from informal areas and poor settlements

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the game idea will defiantly grab peoples attention and allow for everyone to get involved. I found it very intriguing.

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Carol, I love the gaming idea - make it fun and engaging to encourage more people to get involved. It looks like there's the opportunity to allow people to get involved at different levels....

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Hi, Louise. I think the gaming idea will be a great solution too. It allows non-experts to understand complicated issues.

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Great visualisations, Carol! It seems you are proposing a game that could be played online – could it also be accessed from a mobile phone or tablet. As you move forward, might also be a good idea to think about what resources would be required – and fill in that field on the submission form. A bit like start-ups themselves – the initial idea is one thing but figuring out how to make them happen also requires some thought. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and how your ideas evolve together with collaborative conversation here!

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Hi, Meena. I like the mobile/tablet idea. I think the online game could be translate into an "offline" challenge for schools too.