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Startups are always looking for feedback from potential customers to determine demand and desired features, etc. CustomerCloud is a group of people who want to provide feedback to startups because they believe in the startup's mission.

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CustomerCloud members serve as potential customers for a startup's product. Startups can recruit people to join the cloud, or leverage the people already in the cloud. Potential customers participate in the cloud because they are interested in a certain topic/problem/product that the startup is involved in. For example, people with diabetes may be interested in working with startups creating diabetes-related apps.

As part of the cloud, these customers can participate in a variety of different types of market research, from simple surveys, to more in-depth focus group-like research. In addition, participation in the cloud can be gamified, e.g. points awarded for participants guessing the most popular answer to a survey question, etc.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

CustomerCloud will help entrepreneurs test out ideas, features, price points... basically anything they would like targeted customer feedback on. Sites like mTurk may not provide the best base of participant that startups want to use. In addition, CustomerCloud is a way for startups to not only recruit potential participants, but to cultivate an early-adopter customer base and beta tester relationships.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Potential partners could be existing market research sites like SurveyMonkey, etc.

How could we get started?

Can start off with a rudimentary site that allows startups to recruit participants, have them sign up, conduct surveys along with rudimentary gamification/reward system.


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