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气候变化下农业应对策略大会 2016 © Conference of Convergence Agricultural Adaptation Strategies in a time of Climate Change

Convergence of many sectors to discuss effects of and strategies for how climate change will effect agriculture in Sichuan, China

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For decades, the world has talked about Climate Change. Strategies and Plans, to both reverse the direction of change and to adapt to the challenges, have been developed by those who understand the reality of the situation. At the same time the fossil fuel industry has propagated programs to confuse the public . Meanwhile the global climate has been changing at an ever increasing rate; costing billions of dollars with millions of people displaced. What scientists calculated even one year ago about how fast changes will occur are turning out to be short sighted, as new factors are discovered that tell us we are rapidly heading for a global disaster. It has become clear that we need to implement our plans and adaptation strategies now, not in 5 to ten years if we are reduce the dire consequences that are already happening in China and around the world. Not understanding this urgency will be our biggest mistake, for the plans we  have thought of, may take many years to implement and we may not have this time left to us.  (see Chapter Three: Climate Change Happening Faster Than Predicted)

This Conference of Convergence and this follow-up paper  is only one small step helping to bring people (e.g. from farmers to scientists) together and share ideas about what we know now and what other possible strategies can we consider to adapt to the climate change induced agricultural challenges happening now and in the near future.

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This a great idea. Having volunteers to help out with this project would be helpful to bring awareness to the youth abut climate change. Committing to saving our mother Earth is one of the things I am doing with reducing the amount of straws, paper, gas I use. I think you are going in the correct direction and will help out a lot of people understand the importance of it all. Thank you

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I noticed that there is Chinese in title, I think your idea is very useful for this question!

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I rill think it was so good

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I think it was wonderful)))