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Wello: making easy to carry through water wheels

Water wheels suit to the needs of rural dwellers carry the water for kilometers and help them save time on daily basi

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How does your idea apply new technologies to make agriculture and water systems more resilient in the face of climate threats?

It makes easier to carry water in case of long distances

I've already posted about Wello in another challenge about water and sanitation. It's worth to mention it again!

Description below taken from

"In many countries, water collection is a jobleft mainly to women and girls, who spend at least a quarter of each daycollecting enough water for their families. By providing a solution, Wello says their time might be betterspent at things like education and jobs.

Additionally, in areas where safe water is not ready available, water-borne diseases and illness related to poor sanitation practices, like handwashing, are rampant. Wello’s solution is the WaterWheel, which allows users to transport twice as much water in half the time, simply by pushing it along, instead of headloading."

The wheels allow to transport about 45 liters of water easily, while by headloding takes several trips and hours everyday.

Wello was developed by Catapultdesign, that created the initial pilot of Wello WaterWheel:

Business model

A hybrid social enterprise:

- The for-profit side aims to make money selling the WaterWheel, as well as sales of advertising spaces on the devices (2-4 ad spaces for unit).

- Donations from the website: $50 for finance a WaterWheel for one family, $250 for finance 5 WaterWheels for 5 families

- Partnership with CSR initiatives

Value Proposition

Affordable innovations that save time and increase opportunities for people who lack access to water

Key Partners

Social enterprises, micro finance institutions, NGOs, CSR initiatives, Aid agencies, government

Customer segment

People who lack access of water, rural and low-income consumers


Online order via website, local partners

Below, a description of how Wello strategies aim to promote a social impact through WaterWheel

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Feedbacks and ideation

This idea emerged from:

A past OpenIDEO challenge

Tell us about your work experience:

Studying at Kaospilots Switzerland, currently in South Africa engaged in 2 projects related to design thinking and recycling, business for Base of Pyramid


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This is so innovative! Just want to applaud you for coming up with such a genius design that combines a water container and a wheelbarrow - you guys literally "reinvented the wheel"!

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