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Human Powered Water Purifier

Low cost human powered water purifier can deliver clean/purified water at a cost affordable to the majority of the worlds population.

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How does your idea apply new technologies to make agriculture and water systems more resilient in the face of climate threats?

The HPWP is scalable removes metals, fluoride, TSS and all pathogens. Arsenic being one of the most prevalent contaminants is causing arsenosis in people and going up the food chain by crops bioaccumulating the contaminant, such as rice. Common contaminants such as TSS from sediment, arsenic in the water (irrigation and drinking) can easily be removed. Our technology is made from the second largest natural resource on Planet Earth, chitin (crab and shrimp shells) and can be sourced regionally.

The human powered water purifier (hpwp) was engineered originally for the U.S. Army/Marine Corp. to deliver 2.5 L/minute with a device that mounts in a pack for a soldier. We 

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