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access to fresh clean drinking water at every place in the world

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It is well known that drinking water is vital for human health and belongs to basic human rights.

The lack of safe drinking water is a big problem for business and especially for local people.

Also nowadays, diffuse pollution of nitrogen and pesticides from agriculture is the main obstacle to meet drinking water quality targets. National policies to protect drinking water resources have not achieved a consistent effectiveness in all states.

High nitrate levels (for example, in Germany, 18% of groundwater samples exceed the permissible 50 mg.), Bacteria, and drug residues — all this has become the daily reality of the population even in such prosperous countries as Germany and France.

Our technology of spring water source discovery allows to solve problems comprehensively, and this concerns both centralized and decentralized water supply. We can find a source of water supply with enough volume of the highest quality water precisely in the place where the consumer needs.

The geoscanning method developed by us is close to the hammer seismic method. We choose not only a standard echo, as classical seismic suggests, but use resonant modes that allow us to obtain additional information. The uniqueness of the method lies precisely in the fact that we can find water-bearing cracks (zones of tectonic disturbance) and determine their coordinates with the necessary accuracy.

At Customer’s request, within a few days our employees determine the point of water borehole drilling, even in the places where unsuccessful search of water source has already been made.

We have more than 97,5% success rate of water borehole research missions and guarantee water source capacity within 3 years, while in common practice, the success rate in water search is up to 40% and no one guarantees water source capacity for a certain period.

The water extracted with our technology does not contain nitrates and its quality can compete with bottled mineral water.

On the other hand, decentralized location of discovered water sources is another big benefit for our consumers. It may save Customer’s funds for infrastructure construction, reduce logistics cost, but also be a “reserve” of water supply in the event of natural or man-made disasters and protection against terrorism.

We have already successfully implemented projects in Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Latvia, Azerbaijan etc. and would be pleased to cooperate with your esteemed organization in the framework of programs and projects aimed to ease access to high-quality drinking water sources.

Let me please stress out once again the main advantages:

1. Efficient solution. Our technology ensures the sufficient and efficient water solution for state, municipal and local needs. It can be placed just near the client, so you save huge costs on the infrastructure, like pipelines and also on establishing of water treatment plant. Because our water is primarily clean and ready for human consumption.

2. Emergency and urgency. In urgent cases we can organize supply of clean safe drinking water according to WHO standards in 1-3 days. So you can avoid the high costs for bottled water. In Yemen and other critical places UN pays lot of millions for the delivered bottled water.

3. Inability or refusal. Even in such cases where the drillers refuse after several unsuccessful trials, we can ensure to the client the sufficient and clean water source in the nearest distance.

4. Volume and capacity. We guarantee the minimal daily water capacity from one water borehole of 85 cubic meters clean safe water. The maximum daily of one borehole is up to few thousands cubic meters.

5. Quality. We guarantee that water matches the WHO drinking water standards and ready for human consumption. Our water is free of all organic or inorganic pollutants. It is so called primal water. You can even apply the BIO-certificate for our water source.

6. Success rate.The usual average success rate by drilling of water boreholes is about 40%. Our success rate is 97,5%.

7. The performance guarantee. We request the payment after the delivery of ready water source. We can even discuss that we cover the drilling costs by reasonable rates.

8. Product longevity and functionality guarantee. We guarantee at least for 3 years for the functionality of our water source. Otherwise in cases where capacity decrees more than 30% we either repair the water source or deliver the new one.

Please find attached as a visual overview of our technology the video clip from the project in the Arabian desert. At that area never before us was found a water source.

Also the same from Bavaria, Germany:

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