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Portable Water Purifier

The most accessible way to provide healthy and purified water.

Photo of Jiaming Fu
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There are bunches of water purify solutions out there. The last step for people to drink water is using a bottle or cup to deliver it to mouth. As long as we provide a solution to integrate the purify methods in portable size and embed it into a bottle, people can always have hygienic water anytime and anywhere. There are many products with similar function provided in market. LifeStraw is an example of this. When we can compress the cost of products and disseminate this products among families and communities, the situation could be improved. 

How would you describe the stage of development of your idea?

  • Conceptual Development

How big or scalable is the potential of your idea?

If the cost of the product can be controlled within an acceptable range, the dissemination of this product could be wide.

Explain the sustainability aspect of your idea

A complex program aiming to promote the situation of water hygiene needs a lot of effort and funds to accomplish, a seemingly tiny step may also change the situation from the most accessible way. This product requires no technical effort, people can manipulate in the most intuitive way. We can also appeal companies to donate for this program. Such as purified water supplier. They can donate certain proportions of each bottle of water's revenue to this program.

What types of financing would be required for your idea to be successful?

Companies who are in the area of water purify. They are more concerned about this situation.

In-country experience

  • Not yet

Is your organization currently legally registered in India?

  • No

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am interested in finding solution for real world problems. Innovative brains could make this world better.


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Photo of ManonZ

Hello Jiaming, what a great idea you have there ! So I had a few questions and maybe some insights that could help to develop this concept further.

I was wandering if your concept would be as close as the Lifestraw product, hence having a portable system that could make the water drinkable ? In this case would it be through the design such as a purifier straw or could it be from a chemical reaction that would purify the water ?

In the case of a design or chemical reaction prototype, it would be best to apply for a patent as soon as possible in order to protect such invention.

Cheers, Manon

Photo of Sarah Smith

Hi Manon,

I like the idea of a patent, of course it is important that it can't be copied but i think this is of greater urgency than you realize. I used to volunteer in countrys like India and Africa, people need a way to make their water dirnkable and that asap. This is a product that could save lifes so waiting for a patenet is in my opinion a waste of time since this could take years to be approved while it could save the lifes of so many people in the process!

Photo of ManonZ

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your response. It is true that in this case, if the product works it could be a massive breakthrough in terms of sanitary challenges. However, I think that a patent should still be considered before commercialising the idea. Lets just say tomorrow the idea is a big hit, and everyone wants it. Manufacturers or other competitive companies in the industry hear about it and soon they produce an exact replica but without the original perfected system that makes the water drinkable. When they sell the copy the people using it could fall ill and it would make everything worse. I understand that in this case it is urgent, but there are other ways to quicken the process of distribution rather than neglecting the patent. For example, after having the patent, you can always license the product to big companies and they will export it around the world more quickly than if you had to distribute it yourself. It is a quicker process to save lives but without risking the product to be wrongly copied.

Photo of Sarah Smith

It is true the idea could be copied. I think it just depends on how fast it can get a patent, if lets say it would drag over several years to get it approved i would still favour my idea. You can protect a product though brand awareness etc. but you are right if a patent is quick it would save the product from being copied cheaply.
I guess we would need more information and insights to proceed with the discussion.

Photo of Anders Tse

Great idea Jiaming! My classmate from India who has experienced water issues firsthand has expressed the users' desire to have something cheap and portable.

Photo of Jiaming Fu

Thank you Anders! There are still some details about this idea need to be considered deeply. Thanks for your encourage!

Photo of Shane Zhao

Exciting to see you two connect over like-minded ideas Anders and Jiaming!
Anders also had an interesting idea around improving accessibility to water filtration. Jiaming you might like to check it out here: Hand pumps with built-in filters