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It boils down to Cash

Wells, water diversion, water filtration, composting toilets, soap. Its all going to cost money.

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No matter what kind of solution is deemed the fastest, the best, or the cheapest, it is all going to cost some monetary value. This issue is affect a large portion of India, both in population and geographically. I think it is just as important to consider how and who will pay for this expenditure as it is to think of how the water and sanitation will be implemented.

The least expensive way to get sanitation, as far as sewage, would be composting toilets. That would essentially just be having a hole in the ground to go "number 2" and to aid it along to becoming good fertilized dirt again. So naturally education will also need to be a part of this as well.

For water, the infrastructure of trying to move a massive amount across a wide spread of the country is going to take a very large infrastructure. Wells are another option that has been stated, as well as filtration, desalinization, and so on. For all of these options to be effective and reach the large amount of people that needs to, it is going to take a lot of money. 

In total money is going to be a major part of what will get this done. But where will it all come from? Charity? Volunteers providing labor? Well it be up to Indian citizens or will the whole world get involved. Hopefully every option will be exploited and that will help this get done. Leverage businesses to bring volunteers and donate a small percentage of their profits at the end of their year. (thinking along the lines of Salesforce's 1/1/1 plan).

How would you describe the stage of development of your idea?

  • Conceptual Development

How big or scalable is the potential of your idea?

Could start in india and branch its way to other more developed countries that are willing to help.

Explain the sustainability aspect of your idea

If an entire infrastructure is developed and built that is a large investment that will last a long time and can be built on top of.

What types of financing would be required for your idea to be successful?

A lot of money and labor coming from donation volunteers and charity.

In-country experience

  • Not yet

Is your organization currently legally registered in India?

  • No

What states or districts will you target/are you targeting within India?

All that need help. Preferable help that ones that will take less time, therefor they can be used to help get the next place up and going, and so on.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We were asked to submit an idea like this for a class at school and this is the best way I was able to see this problem being solved.

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