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Education in the Cloth Filter Method

By using a cotton cloth folded into 4-8 layers, sterilized in the sun, 99% of cholera can be removed and over 50% of other bacteria.

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Researchers conducted successful trials in Bangladesh of a folded sari method for collecting water and filtering. Not only is this a significant improvement in water quality, but it was also easily accepted by the people in the area of the study as well as continuing to be used in a follow up study five years later. This method fulfills the design constraints perfectly because it uses things people in the area already have, since an older cloth is actually more effective than a new one. It could also inspire entrepreneurs in the area to create filters specifically for the vessels used in the area. This is not a long term solution, but one that can be quickly and effectively implemented in the areas that need it most. 

See: for details on the study. 

How would you describe the stage of development of your idea?

  • Ready for piloting

How big or scalable is the potential of your idea?

This idea is useful for individuals but would not be a long term community solution. It would be a first step rather than a permanent solution.

Explain the sustainability aspect of your idea

The idea is both intuitive and uses items already owned by the people involved.

In-country experience

  • Not yet

Is your organization currently legally registered in India?

  • No

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I mostly wish to educate others about this method so that it is well known. I'm not associated with the researchers who did the original study.

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I like this as a quick solution that could scale quickly and easily.

What's the best way to educate people on this practice? A poster at water collection points? Teachers? A healthy water collection song or game?

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