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EZ Ballot -- updated!

Which ballot would you choose if you had EZ or Quick ballot? This ballot structure of the EZ ballot works same way for all outputs regardless of modality.

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What if the ballot is designed for whatever pace the voter prefers? EZ ballot is a system that will guide voters so that they just follow the steps. Quick ballot helps voters walk through the system if they want to complete the voting process quickly. This concept is for the design of the EZ ballot.

Current user interfaces on touch screens rely significantly on visual feedback. Using audio voting, voters who are blind or visually impaired are able to vote. However, the translation from a complex visual interface to a linear audio interface results in an complex and time consuming audio voting process. Moreover, current DRE systems allow only for visual or audio voting even though studies show that people with low vision would prefer to be able to use both visual and audio voting simultaneously.

EZ ballot is very simple with linear layout of the visual and auditory interfaces. Thus, this ballot structure works same way for all outputs regardless of modality. For example, instead of providing all the candidates’ names in one screen, ‘yes or no’ questions such as “Do you want to vote ……?” will be displayed. In this way, voters need to choose either “yes” or “no.”

As a voting device, the touch screen tablet is combined with just two buttons ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on the left and right sides like controlling a game boy. This integrated device design will match with the users’ interaction for using the EZ ballot.

How will this concept improve election accessibility for everyone?

Choices of EZ or Quick ballot will allow whatever pace the voters who have different abilities prefer. Older adults, individuals who are visually impaired, and people who have memory issues can benefit from this EZ ballot design.
Instead of connecting additional dual switches to the voting device, a single integrated device can also benefit poll workers as well as the voters.

My Virtual Team

Yilin Liu
Xiao Xiong
Jon Sanford

Evaluation results

14 evaluations so far

1. How well does this concept address the needs of voters who might be excluded from elections today because of a disability, difficulty with languages or reading, limited mobility or other conditions?

Really well: this concept clearly addresses the needs of voters with different abilities or limitations. - 21.4%

Pretty well: this concept addresses some of the needs of voters with different abilities or limitations. - 71.4%

Not well: this concept doesn't at all address the needs of voters with different abilities or limitations. - 7.1%

2. Thinking about the resources needed to implement this concept, how feasible is this concept for your community? (Hint: resources might be money, time, partnerships, or other inputs needed for implementation)

This concept is definitely feasible for my community to implement; the resources needed wouldn't be an issue. - 28.6%

This concept might be feasible for my community to implement, as long as we could find assistance with some of our resource constraints. - 64.3%

This concept is not feasible for my community to implement; it's just too resource-intensive. - 7.1%

3. How much of an impact would this concept make on you or your community?

This concept would clearly have a positive impact on me or my community. - 28.6%

This concept might have a positive impact on me or my community, but it's not clear exactly how. - 64.3%

This concept would not have a positive impact on me or my community. - 7.1%

4. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world. - 35.7%

I liked it but preferred others. - 57.1%

It didn't get me overly excited. - 7.1%

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EZ ballot screen images


EZ ballot screen images


EZ ballot screen images


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Photo of Edmund

This is an interesting concept and the interface looks really great. I'm just not a fan of voting machines as they have been involved in too many voting frauds. While this is a great concept, it just makes the voting rigging much more easier when you're able to convince the mass public to go to vote at voting machines with ease. -

Edmund Ng

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