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The online election guide

In the Netherlands we have a Parliament that exists of 150 members divided between 10 political parties at the moment. But every election 20 parties take part. To help people to choose we have an online elections guide

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We have a complicated multiple party system in the Netherlands. A lot of new parties are established every couple of years some with success. Here you can find more about the Dutch system.

The ranch of parties varies from left wing to right wing, an animal party, some christian parties, elderly parties etc. Every election over 20 political parties take part.

To help the public make a choice, there is an online voting guide. In the Stemwijzer people can determine their preferences to answer question about topics that are relevant at that moment. Multiple choise answers such as "agree", "disagree", "neutral" can be given. The Stemwijzer compares your answers with the several topics of the political programs of every party. At the end of the interview you get a chart that shows your preferences. This your elections advice


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It's really interesting how many countries have polity/position guides to help voters sort out the differences between parties and candidates. This is a strong global theme. Is the Stemwijzer created by a government office or a non-profit or political organization? Does that make a difference?

This has made me realize that no one has mentioned the League of Women Voters. At the national level, they are an advocacy group for good government. At the local level, they run debates for local candidates, produce unbiased election guides. My mother was a volunteer for many years in NYC. She taught about how to vote. I remember her mini-version of the levers used for voting at the time that she used to demonstrate the process at community meetings.

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Stemwijzer is created by a non-profit organization that stimulates political and social participation. But I just read on Wikipedia that most of there income are subsidies. I think it could make a difference, but as I can see it they are unbiased.

De Stemwijzer also organizes so called shadow elections on HighShool in the Netherlands to promote participation in politics when they reach 18 and get their voting rights.

In the Netherlands we are less active as a society with our voting rights, then in the USA i guess. People here are quiet lazy on these topics. We don't have much people such as your mother that are active in debates.