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Voters ID card with unique Personal Identification Number

A Voters ID card along with Personal Identification Number (PIN) similar to your bank card can be allocated to all the citizens. The Voter can use this pin to vote from ATMs, Super Markets, Phone (like mobile Banking), internet, printed forms,etc.

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A Voters ID if provided along with  unique and confidential PIN can be assigned to all the citizens similar to credit cards. This card will allow the voter to vote through ATMs, mobiles, internet (online Voting), super Markets through transaction machines. 

For remote users, illiterate and non IT people, a printed pictorial form with postage and pre-addressed envelope can be provided at post offices, bus stops, super markets, local stores, library, etc. The impression of this card along with PIN number can be filled in and dropped in any local post box. See pic 3 for clarity.

Also each PIN/CARD can be used only once, for voting.


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This post gave me an idea tied to credit reports. Our credit cards, banks etc put together a report to assess our financial stability and consistency. What if all voters were eligible for a 'consumer voter report' that allows voters to see their voting history? or perhaps even more important, can we use the idea of 'voter reports' to create more informed voters about how they live and how they vote and whether the two are in line with one another?

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This is a very interesting way to potentially build voter turn-out in the long term. If people were able to see a report of how they've voted over time, along with data about whether the issue/candidate won and what happened afterwards (e.g. the program was passed in 2000 but was never funded, remains on the books) it would give people better insight in to how their vote has made a difference over time. If they feel it has made a difference they will likely continue voting. If they feel that it hasn't, perhaps they will be inspired to become involved in their communities beyond simply voting on election day.

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Thanks Campbell and Jessica for adding. On adding further, this data can be used by organisations for statistical comparisons also.