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Online voting is good for everyone!

Increasing accessibility for all

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Live Ballot is an online platform that is used to allow people  overseas the ability to vote in elections. This platform is most useful to diplomats, aid workers etc that spend a significant amount of time overseas but almost always have internet access. While the system was not designed for differently abled persons it presents an obvious opportunity. Most homes in the US have internet access, and its easy to get internet to even the most rural parts of the country. This kind of technology would be useful to people with limitations that make it difficult for them to leave their homes, and following the idea that increasing accesibility is better for everyone online elections might increase voter participation since people wouldn't have to take time out of the work day. This type of online voting system can be used in conjunction with technology designed to assist people such as computers that read text aloud, translate text for you and could make the system overall better.


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Great inspiration. Also, just thought I'd clarify that Live Ballot provides online delivery of ballots, with completed ballots being printed out and returned through postal mail (or fax for overseas voters).

Photo of Paul Reader

Alexis I agree that, with the appropriate means to avoid fraud, this represents an opportunity. Thanks for the clarification Vincent.

Photo of Alexis Cooke

Good point Vincent, it could be especially helpful for those with mobility issues.