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Long lines waiting to vote

One problem I see with elections are the long lines to vote. This makes voting inconvenient and difficult if you don't have time, patience, or energy to stand in a long line.

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Lots of places do things to reduce the time you need to spend in line. Restaurant's let you make reservations or notify you wirelessly when your table is ready; some government offices post their wait time online so you can decide when is the best time to visit. And Disney World has all sorts of programs to make waiting in line easier or at least less stressful. Can we learn how to make this better from some other service?

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I might be less motivated to vote if I have to wait in long lines!
There aren't a lot of complaints about long voting lines in my country. I think the main reason is that everyone has their designated polling station, and less than 1,500 voters are assigned to each station. In addition, your designated polling station is mostly close to your home, so if you think the line is a little bit long, you might decide to go home, take a rest and come back later.

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