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Employ People to Overcome the Obstacles

Instead of relying on volunteers and good will use the public purse to pay people to overcome the obstacles to voting experienced by the disadvantaged.

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1. In the lead up to any election use the public purse to provide paid training to sufficient numbers of election officials to do all the tasks necessary to make the election both smooth and accessible to all.
2. Pay the officials to conduct the lection on a fair and equitable basis.

Using the public purse for this purpose would be:
(a) impartial;
(b) efficient; and provide
(c) a boost to the economy (large or small depending on your point of view); and
(d) give a number of people temporary but meaningful jobs.

I imagine that in some countries this might mean a change in mindset while in others it would flow naturally (if not already happening).


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In Spain election officials are selected by drawing lots, and they have to work a whole Sunday for no more than 60euro. The next day they have the right to work 5 hours less; this expense being supported by the government.
So, with this system, there is a monetary cost for the government, an organizational cost for companies, and a personal cost for the selected officers, which don't use to be very happy with their selection. And this could be solved by offering election officials jobs to people. I like your inspiration, simple and efficient!

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