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Why not create an official website to all political parties in the world? It is an opportunity to democratize the speeches.

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All political parties  have the same  time,  are in  the same place,  present their  proposal  with a  subtitled video  (you can see and hear ) and  the most valuable thing , we can  share and compare  experiences of other  countries. We can learn.  The world  is one,  everything is connected  and affects us We can learn from  other experiences,  but  first we have to  share them .

I am from  Argentina , South America  (sorry  for my English ) and we  often happens that  politicians  propose  reforms  that have already failed  in other  European countries , but  that must be implemented " to follow the  current  first-world  countries"  (new taxes , subsidies , changes  in the educational system , etc).  Why?  If  we know  it failed ?

OpenIDEO  is  a spectacular platform The  model can be applied  to this problem.  You enter the  website,  choose the  country  you want to  see  (yours  or others),  see and hear  the different  policy  proposals , " applaud"  and comment  what  you like.  But always  positive comments. If you like  the proposal,  applauded,  and  you can  comment If  you do not like  you can  not  just  criticize it. When you vote you chose what you want. You don't vote the political party you don't like. Always the vote is positive.


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