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Different voting sub-systems for different voter segments - integrated into 1 'umbrella' system

The voters community is so huge and diverse that it is next to impossible to build one system that caters to the need of everyone. Maybe a solution is to build multiple sub-systems that address the need of the different segments

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The embedded video broadly describes election in India. The registration process is low-tech (paper based) and voter turnout is pretty low for a variety of reasons like:
- long queues in summer heat
- political violence
- terrorist threat
- frustration with corruption

Furthermore, many voters are not literate (particularly the rural voters). They depend on others for understanding the election process and even for casting their votes. Because of this vulnerability, they are often manipulated my political influences and their votes don't reflect what they actually wanted to convey.

When we talk about designing an accessible election experience for everyone, we must explore this huge spectrum that is represented by the entire voting community. There cam be multiple segments like:
- urban / rural
- literate / not literate
- technologically oriented / not comfortable with technology
- with / without disability

And there will be overlaps between those segments. We can design sub-systems that will address those overlapping segments. For example a phone based IVRS which ensures anonymity and is capable of authenticating a user can be used by an urban voter who owns a phone and has vision impairment and also by a rural voter who cannot read.

All these sub-systems can be combined under 1 central 'umbrella' system which will determine the election results. These sub-systems can be used during the registration process as well.


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Nice insights, stressing of the important of understanding the needs of different segments, and recognition that some things can be cleverly designed to meet overlapping requirements. Thanks Subhadeep!

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Thanks for the kind remark, Vincent. Let's continue to be inspired.