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Different accessibility medium for different people

People with special needs have a very large section in India

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Designing an accessible election experience for them will also increase the number of voters. In my point of view, we have to think it from a very micro level i.e. from the base of the pyramid of the society. If we start from the base, it might be helpful for the top of the section as well.

Since the accessibility medium is different for different people and varies accordingly then why not use different approaches for different people, like the younger generation nowadays pays bills online rather than tiresome waiting in queue at the counters. In this way we can improve the accessibility of Elections.

Considerations for effective design in my view :

· Mobile Voting Vehicles will increase reach to voters in far off places

· Moving from hardware driven approach to software driven approach for better accessibility

· Use of public devices like ATMs, mobile phone for voting and for better reach

· Use of local languages with simple interpretations

· Use of product metaphor to familiarize the voters with the machine

· Instructions and visual clues to assist them during voting process

· Use of Voice based feedback in case of user illiteracy

· Display of output in local script/symbols.

· General awareness program for voting process like Polio Drop awareness program in India which was launched on a massive scale with medical staff reaching out to each household to eradicate the disease and had long term benefits.

· Different approach from the traditional ones; may be combination of multiple ones, in accordance with the needs of user. For example the educated youth now uses electronic medium such as debit/credit cards or internet banking to pay bills, shop and book travel tickets on the internet instead of going physically to billing counters. Such users who are familiar with technology will be able to adapt better to new technology based approaches.

· Use of AADHAR a unique identification card in India just like social security number for voting enrolments and person recognition.

· A kind of reward system for the voters to attract them and encourage them to vote; both for voters who are at internet based social networking platforms and who aren’t.


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Excellent Deepak!
Very commonsense approach and some interesting ideas to flesh out here. Do you have any idea of how extensive the AADHAR card is at the moment.?

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