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Breaking language barriers through Technology applications

There's nowhere remotely like India. It has more than a billion people, around 1,652 languages, with 70 per cent of India living in villages. We will have to provide solution/system which can be easily accessed by them too.

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Language is still one of the biggest barriers to making it a developed country. Transforming Rural areas is a challenge. As a result of IT and communication revolution, mobile phones, computers and internet have been reached everywhere even in rural areas. This has already begun the process of gradual transformation of rural India.

As I discussed in my previous submission(“Accessible from anywhere anytime”), link is here:


If we talk about an Online/E-Voting System in populous countries like India where a large percentage of the population lives in rural/remote areas.

It will make a huge difference if we provide Language translation tools like “Google Translator” with the Online Voting System which will include at least 15-16 main regional languages. And I am sure that Online System with the integration of such tools will play an important role to make our elections accessible to everyone to a large extent.

Informative links:

Major Languages in India:

Google Translate supports other languages of India:

Internet in Rural India: Not A Dream Anymore:

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