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Assistive Technology Homebrew - the Frankenkindle

Book reader + large buttons = a device that works for someone who doesn't have the dexterity to use the small buttons on the off-the-shelf tablet.

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Love this story of how an engineer created a book reader that put together the features his sister needed. It makes me think about what interaction features have to be built into a voting system so that everyone can use it.

"Glenn is an electrical engineer from Santa Cruz, California. His sister suffers from cerebral palsy, so his passion is using his engineering talents to make life a little easier for his sister and others with physical disabilities.

Glenn’s latest creation is a homebrew device he calls “Frankenkindle”. Simply put, it’s an Kindle eBook reader with its six most important buttons implemented on a substitute keyboard taken from a V.Reader kids book reader. Because the Kindle’s buttons are small, and those with cerebral palsy often have difficulty with motor movement, the large and colorful buttons on the Frankenkindle make it much easier for Glenn’s sister to read books." - story on Metagadget

And more details on the construction on the creator's blog


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Great example of how people figure out solutions.
thanks for sharing!

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