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[ UPDATED ]Following Voting Initiatives in Mumbai, India

When voting is around the corner, one can't help but notice different initiatives that people take in order to conduct a successful voting. Here is my reportage of live-ongoing events covered via SMS's, newspapers, videos, etc.

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Voting took place in Mumbai on the 16th Feb 2010. Many organizations gave a holiday to encourage people to go out and exercise their power to vote. The newspapers carried a lot of information about how to vote, where to vote, what is the process, in order to encourage people. But i didnt find any article as to what are the guidelines that are being followed by polling booths to make it easier for challenged people. However, post voting, i came across this article, that covers the grievances of an elderly Blind man.

Simple things like, ensuring that the path to the polling booth is wheel chair friendly, well bricked, should be on the ground floor, or making it compulsory to have braille in voting booths, all over.. are little efforts that we need to begin with.

Adding a little background to my report-

I have recently come to Mumbai for a tenure of six months. Due to my work requirements i often travel a lot and am never aware about the voting dates, participating parties, etc. A few days ago i got a new number from Mumbai and had got busy with my life. Reading about elections only in the newspapers, when suddenly i received this message ( attached picture ). 

In the beginning i did not realize how did i land with this message, since i was neither registered with any website, or political forum. Then a fellow colleague explained that this was possible, because the area from which i had bought my sim number had shared them with a candidate. The procedure was interesting because of the following reasons-

a. This message definitely caught my attention, and the candidates name/ symbol will have a strong re-collection value.
b. the starting line of- "Your vote is countable & valuable..." is encouraging, almost confidante, creating a sense of responsibility in citizens like us!
c. It has also brought to my notice that elections are near, and hence one must make it a point to vote.

Here are reasons, what it lacks-

a. Since this is a marketing strategy of one of the candidates, it is a little pushy in nature , in order to vote for her.
b. does not mention area/ zone / date as to where and when can  i vote.
c. intrusive in nature.

Though, a message like this has its own pros and cons, a concept like this may work, for migratory people, to sit up and take notice.


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Photo of Ashley

Wow, what a timely real-life inspiration! And great thoughts on what works and what doesn't – definitely all things for us to think about as we head to Concepting.

Photo of Jaskeerat

Thank you Ashley! Infact, this challenge has made me sensitive to the voting initiatives happening in my city, and the timing couldn't be perfect, as India is voting for yet another election.