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Accessible and inclusive polling places

Every county in the U.S. approaches polling places differently. In some counties, a polling place can be in a garage; in others, polling places must be held in city buildings. All polling places should be both neutral and easy to access from home.

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In my home county, our Clerk is always looking for ways to reduce election administration costs. Over the years, the number of polling places has been reduced, and the number of polling places held in conservative Christian churches has increased to nearly double that of any other county in the state. While I recognize that these churches are ADA accessible, free, and have lots of parking available on a Tuesday, they frequently fall well outside our meager municipal bus system and they overlook the comfort of our citizens who practice underrepresented faiths. That's why several voter-engagement organizations have undertaken an "Open Door Democracy" project, inviting businesses and civic organizations to host elections in more neutral, more accessible locations. Along with the community, we'll identify potential locations and vet them with our Clerk to ensure he has every opportunity to increase access to the polls.

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