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“Ease of use”

While talking to people for my user study on agriculture based projects and Redesign of ATM for illiterates and semi literate users, I got a chance to visit rural India at the time of elections.

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I attended rallies of political parties and got a chance to interact with some voters some of which had disabilities but traveled large distances to attend the rally. During my interactions with them I found out very crucial needs of the voters which are as below:

· Need for accessible place of polling stations; people do not want to travel large distances for elections

· Still there is a notion that it is “Meant for Urban and educated users”

· Security, “Ease of use” and simple product is their primary need

· Need for net reduction in voting process time

· Processes should be transparent and less confusing formalities

· Technological fears like which button to press on the ballot machine, accidental key press

· Lack of assistance

Also some of my key observations during my projects research are:

· Most of the people do not have access to even basic banking facilities

· Fear of new technology among illiterates

· Lack of awareness of election benefits

· Mobile phones are used as family phones

· Prefer to stay in a community

· Migrant Workers usually do not have Residential Proof, so they left out from voting process

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Thanks Deepak for sharing your observations. It is really useful. I found your point on how most people don't even have access to banking facilities - and thus the ATM as an analogy might not be the "right" one as suggested in this inspiration:
Interesting point also about cell phones which are also often assumed to be taken for granted in terms of access and ease of use.
The importance of location is also an interesting one:
Mobility might something to be considered:

Indeed as Meena said so much to think! thanks!

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Hi Anne,
Thanks for your comment, It is very interesting fact that most of the people don't even access to basic banking facility, But we can redesign ATM's and other public accessible mediums accordingly with the people's need.
Since it is a notion that people generally fears of new technology , we can also think in this direction as well.

I would like to add 1 more point about adoption of new technology.
In India adoption of mobile phones among the people took 10 years, very slow. But now its in the reach of common man, and become popular as a most useful communication medium.

Looking forward for others view

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